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Gifts from the oven

Long ago, although mother baked regularly, I envied neighbours who ate store-bought white bread. It had thin soft crust and perfect gumminess for making great spitballs. And, children in those houses did not wear pajamas sewn from flour sacks. In the nineties, the adult version of me had given up pillow-breads and discovered Vancouver’s first craft bakery…

Toronto to Gibraltar

Mark Mounce is a retired Vancouver police detective working now as a Private Investigator and Executive Protection Specialist at Lions Gate Risk Management Group. He provides us with a chronicle of his 2018 European excursion

Canyon in Edgemont Village

Freedom to lunch at fine restaurants is one benefit of having a flexible schedule. Diners enjoy fine experiences and occasional bargains. Scott Kidd’s CANYON in Edgemont Village was a recent treat. Chef Kidd has worked in BC’s best restaurants, including Sooke Harbour House and Bishop’s. After long service as Executive Chef of Lift Bar and Grill in Coal Harbour, Kidd opened Canyon. He brought experience, skill and dedication to local ingredients and sustainable foods…

Terroir Kitchen, dinner

Brunch at Chef Faizal Kassam’s West Vancouver restaurant was enough of a success that a visit to sample the dinner menu was mandatory. Terroir Kitchen specializes in sharing plates, which someone called posh tapas. This is an informal dining style that allows diners to experience edibles not on their usual list of choices. It also encourages conversations about culinary successes or failures.

Terroir Kitchen, brunch

Chef Faizal Kassam describes his cuisine as sustainable, local and organic. He styles it after rustic fare of Southern Europe. Freshness and regionality are key. Terroir Kitchen’s menu reflects that commitment and Vancouver Magazine found execution was superb. In 2018, that respected observer of BC’s fine dining places, rated Terroir Kitchen as best on the North Shore.


Diners suffering a twinge of guilt about consuming butter and egg yolks might assuage that feeling by asking for a smoothie made with kale, spinach, pear, banana, almond butter & apple juice. If guilt’s not your thing, try a glass of bacon infused bourbon, fresh orange and lemon juice, smokey BBQ sauce, pickled onion and celery. Maybe even two, because life is short.